Exclusively at Wild Rose Ranch

Wild Rose Ranch Wedding Workshops!

Now that you have your wedding venue secured, let our team help you create the vision you have for your big day.

We know you have been scouring Pinterest and Etsy, to name a few, for your style and design.  We are here to help make those pictures come to fruition, and to make it even better we are making it into a party!


Work with our DIY coordinators so they know what your vision and needs are.  We will then get all the necessary materials to create your ideas. We can even do fresh flower arrangements!

Now for the fun part- grab your gal pals for either a 3 hour brunch or evening assembly party – we provide light snacks,  drinks, and are there to help you. 

If after the party you still have more to do we finish and store for you until your wedding day.

 ** Pricing for the party will be discussed at initial consultation once we know your needs and materials.